Kitchen design as one of the important spaces in a house must pay attention to various elements. Motion comfort elements, furniture layout, easy maintenance, and good lighting and air circulation. Before designing the kitchen, we must know the 'cook' habits that will use the kitchen; pattern of movement, the order of cooking, and stature. Indeed, a lot of kitchen furniture is sold in various stores, but often the furniture is not optimal and less comfortable for the wearer.

Minimalist kitchen design does not only pay attention to all these elements. Minimalist kitchen design must also be able to present as little furniture as possible to optimize the function of the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen design must be clever to deal with space and furniture and harmonize with the spaces around it.

This tropical minimalist kitchen is cool not only from its appearance, but also because it is full of meaning. The design, which is based on Feng Shui with the demands of a specific size and placement of space, was able to deliver its functions optimally. The success of completing challenges to collaborate Feng Shui with the beauty of design makes this tropical minimalist kitchen extraordinarily cool. The material of kitchen furniture is dominated by logs as one of the elements underlying Feng Shui while strengthening the natural tropical impression. The character and color of the wood becomes a 'point of interest' that is cool and luxurious which balances the 'coldness' of the space dominated by white, also as a symbol of the balance of inin and yang' in life

The choice of colors for a minimalist design is usually dominated by matching monochrome colors, such as white, black and gray. However, it does not mean it is possible to combine various colors. Dezan Studio proves it through the collaboration of white and light brown from wood in light blue and orange as an accent in the kitchen room. Display of bright colors with a balanced portion makes the minimalist kitchen look cool and unique.

Minimalist kitchen with white-dominated furniture that blends cool with natural wood fibers. This clean and natural look reinforces the minimalist impression in this kitchen.

As one of the characteristics of a minimalist design, open-plan space also includes a kitchen in it.

Togetherness, the use of space between the kitchen and the dining table must be balanced with the combination of designs that collaborate to unite and complement each other. The use of the same or matching colors and materials can get around the demands of this design.

Although in small portions, this tiny minimalist kitchen is able to side with the pop art-style sitting room next to it. The combination of these two styles, minimalism and pop art, is reinforced by wall tiles with small boxes on the wall near the sink.

It turns out that minimalist styles can collaborate coolly in mid-century style. The use of wood that displays milk chocolate color strengthens its natural character. Although, usually a minimalist design is dominated by horizontal and vertical lines with 900 angles, but the curved shapes in the corners of the table and pantry chair actually give a simple, beautiful mid-century design character. The 'simple' pantry table shape also reinforces the minimalist impression.

Minimalist design with a dominance of horizontal and vertical lines can still be juxtaposed with contemporary style. The clean white kitchen at the Inset House proves it nicely and coolly with symmetrical boxes and kitchen desks and pendants and contemporary style dining table chairs.