Interior Design of Exotic and Charming Traditional Houses

Often there is a very entertaining impression about the design of a simple traditional house, where the heritage is lovingly displayed, each piece of furniture is very rich in historic heritage and every detail is carefully watched. Being in an ethnic style house as if it can arouse the romance and traditional atmosphere of the past.

Every ethnic style house is always synonymous with an atmosphere of peace, comfort, relaxation and calm. The atmosphere seems to transfer you back to the ‘root’ that you left behind when the busyness and complexity of life weighed down. Anyone of course will feel at home in it.

If you’ve seen the design of an ethnic Javanese house, you will feel the same way. Similarly, when you visit a variety of simple ethnic homes spread throughout Indonesia, such as the Minangkabau traditional Gadang House, Rumah Loka, the traditional house of West Nusa Tenggara, the West Kalimantan Betang House, and so on.

The comfort of a simple ethnic home lies in the combination of the hierarchy of space, the compositions in space, and visual characteristics that are created by combining several elements at once, namely light, color and proportion.

If the style of decorating your home until now is only transitional, contemporary or modern, it’s hard to know how to turn it into a simple traditional home design without actually redecorating your entire home. However, if your budget is limited, don’t worry. Still it is possible to redesign ethnic style houses with a modern touch without completely overhauling.

Here are some important changes that you can do around an ethnic-style house to preserve traditional culture, no matter what style you are currently applying.

Ethnic style home interior design is often associated with the Rustic architectural style which in Indonesian means ‘rusty’ or old (ancient). This concept is based on awareness of the environment and emphasizes natural elements and non-fabricated elements. Most of the material used has a rough surface texture because it is deliberately left natural and not much finishing.

the interior design of the rustic house is actually often applied, especially for ethnic-style house buildings that adhere to the notion of traditional architecture, such as traditional and traditional houses. The simple rustic traditional house design also has the essence that accentuates the natural impression for the users of the space, and offers a rustic feel with natural, rusty constituent material elements, has large dimensions, is not even finished, sanded, or painted so that it emphasizes the vernacular side . With the concept that is based on nature, materials derived from nature such as wood, stone, metal, etc. are processed by the 3R method (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

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