Nautical or Coastal House Style

The nautical atmosphere or what is also referred to as the coastal reminds us of the coastal scenery that can always be uplifting. Coastal life is usually synonymous with comfort and relaxation. The interior in this style wants to reflect that atmosphere. The interior of the room is designed simply and casually, equipped with material and furniture that is not excessive.

Bright blue colors combined with white, striped motifs, rattan and canvas fabric can bring the atmosphere to the shades of the beach into your home. Houses can look different and look fresher with bright elements. Beach accents such as shells, corals, and other marine animals can be an option for home decoration with the right placement

Nautical style is the most appropriate style to use if you want to create a pleasant mood in the house. You can also make this display even though your home is far from the beach area. Here are some tips for creating a nautical or coastal style in your home:

Large window for lighting. Light is the most important element to get the coastal force, but it is often ignored. Every house located on the edge of the beach must have a large window so that natural light and wind from outside can enter the house perfectly. This is also the reason why white is a nautical style interior, because white tends to brighten up the room.

the coastal design blurs the boundary between interior and exterior. Many windows, glass doors, and skylights allow natural sunlight from outside to enter the house. If your home doesn’t have much access to natural light into the house, consider adding it to your home or adding a light element.

Coastal interiors never use glossy or shiny furniture. Some other accents you can choose to help add light in the house, such as mirrors that are mounted opposite the window or use a glass table.

Fabric that looks clean and simple. In the coastal interior, simple and inconspicuous fabric is an option that is always used. Choose linen for bedding, cotton carpets, and wavy curtains.

Pale and natural color. White is the key color in a nautical style, but if white looks too plain you can add cream or khaki. Always give matte results for soft results. Blue can remind us of the sea and sky. You can also add bright colors in the room, but it must be consistent. Too many color schemes in different rooms can add too much personality to one house.

Natural material. Organic materials such as seaweed or straw used as carpets, furniture, or other accessories can bring natural warmth and add texture to nautical interiors. Some touches of rope or beach balls can add a light appeal but still in accordance with the concept.

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