Scandinavian Style Design

Scandinavia countries consist of several countries in Eastern Europe such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. Scandinavian architectural designs were introduced at design exhibitions in America and Canada around the 1950s. At that time introduced the way Scandinavians lived in well-known designs today, which were beautiful, simple, clean, and inspired by the nature and climate of the North, easily accessible and available to all people.

Scandinavian designers are more interested in producing products that are functional, durable, at an efficient price. They believe that if consumers really need something, the item will be bought, but if not, it doesn’t need to be sold. In principle, Scandinavian style design prioritizes functionality without losing its beauty and elegance.

Scandinavian style interior design is widely applied in Western countries, especially because this interior design focuses on simplicity, utilizing each room while still looking elegant and beautiful. Good lighting is a very important element in this interior design. Lighting is expected to be able to give the impression of warmth and comfort in the room.

Wood material. Wood is a material that is often used as the main ingredient in building a house in Scandinavian style. Not only for home buildings, wood also dominates the furniture used in homes. Wood is usually used as material for roofs and walls of houses. Wood can give a warm, homey, and natural impression to a private home.

The wood material used is usually not finished. Wood is better left natural, original, not polished, so residents can enjoy the beauty found in wood material. In Scandinavian style design, wood material is usually combined with soft, monochrome and inconspicuous colors.

Wooden floor. A distinctive feature of Scandinavian style is the use of wood floors. Wood used for floors tends to have pale or dark colors. We recommend using wood floors for the entire room of the house except in the bathroom or other wet areas.

Natural color. The colors that are often used in Scandinavian style designs are white, gray, blue and cream. Nowadays there have been many uses for other, brighter neutral colors. It aims to make the room feel wider, brighter, and provide a more lively atmosphere.

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