Unique Eclectic Design Style

Eclectism is a style of design and architecture that emerged in the 19th and 20th centuries. This style combines elements of historical style from the previous period to create something new and original. In architecture and interior design, these elements include building structures, furniture, decorative motifs, historical ornaments, traditional cultural motifs or styles from other countries.

In the 19th century, Europe and the United States experienced a massive Industrial Revolution, which also gave rise to new material on architecture. Cast iron, wrought iron, steel and glass appear as building materials that are more practical to use. However, without instructions on how to use these new materials, many architects are looking for inspiration and looking at past architectural styles. The 19th century was synonymous with a series of ‘revival movements’, where the style of the past re-emerged as a symbol of modern power.

Eclectic emerged at the end of the 19th century because architects at that time wanted to find a new style that no one had ever seen before. On the basis of past design styles, they then mix and combine a variety of styles that ultimately provide a lot of inspiration with freedom of expression. The main driving force of Ecletism is creation, not nostalgia and want to make original designs.

Eclectic style is a design style that has a method of combining various aspects, ideas, theories aimed at creating the best architecture with existing combinations. Eclectism does not always combine, but sometimes only applies one style, only in the form of construction, function, and conceptual side different from the original system.

An eclectic style was also used for home design in the 20th century. At that time the house is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The more luxurious the contents of the house, the higher the degree of nobility of a person. Aesthetically, this style is more reflective of the style of the past than the future. No wonder there are various architectural elements in it, such as Gothic, Rococo and Victorian.

Here are some tips for getting an eclectic style:

Focal point
When you set the layout of the room, keep in mind that even though electric force is a style that combines style and period through various types of goods, there must be a focal point in the room. Bring out something eye catching, like an accent on a wall or other striking decorative items.

Functional furniture
Comfort and convenience of furniture and interior design are the main criteria for electrical style. All indoor items must be functional and practical, not only beautiful. That’s why in the electrical style we often find antique and modern furniture to complement each other. Antique cabinets can be placed side by side with a modern built-in wardrobe, minimalist glass table or classic chair with gold embroidery seats.

The nature of the eclectic style may indeed vary, but each room in the house must be in harmony with one another. The space in your home will look inconsistent or disconnected if there are many changes between one room and another. If you have decided to use an eclectic style at home, make a harmonious atmosphere in every space in the whole house.

Choose one main color
One color must function as a unifying factor in the overall design of your home. Can be green or off white, be sure to choose one color that can collaborate the overall appearance.

Emphasis on decoration
This is one of the basic rules of electrical force. Carving on wooden furniture, curved legs on the chair, and wrought iron designs can decorate the interior and complete the overall picture of the room. Large and expensive textile fabrics, large curtains, expensive sheets and pillows on sofas, ruffles, ribbons, and lace mixed together in an electric style.

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